Sir Percy Metcalfe

1895 - 1970

Percy Metcalfe was born in 1895 and became a very prolific designer, working in the Art Deco style typical of the 1920's and 30's. He worked as a sculptor and also as a coin, medal and stamp designer and was one of the original designers to produce works for Ashtead.

Metcalfe works for the Ashtead Potters include a range of limited addition character face jugs of Stanley Baldwin, David Lloyd George, Lord Hailsham and Australian Prime Minister S. M. Bruce. Hand pained figural jugs were also made of Benjamin Franklin and Johnnie Walker, a bust of American film star Will Rogers and a plaque of Earl Hague. Advertising works include 'Prometheus' for Hope's Heating and Lighting. He also produced the first two models for Ashtead (M1 and M2) for the British Empire Exhibition held at Wembley in 1924 and 1925. These models depict a crouched lion in strong Art Deco styling. Metcalfe also designed the plaque to house a Wembley exhibitor's medal and also small souvenir lions for the exhibition.

Percy Metcalfe designs for Ashtead Potters Ltd.

Model Number
M1 Wembley Lion (d) Celadon Plain
M2 Wembley Lion of Lndustry No information Plain
M73 Harvest putti with pigeons (k) Pearl barley Purple grapes
M73 Harvest putti with pigeons (k) Pearl barley Red grapes
M6 Monkey and baby No information No information
Unnumbered 'Genozo lion' for Genozo Toothpaste (f) Powder blue Plain
Unnumbered Percy Metcalfe – model of daughter’s head No information No information
Unnumbered 'Prometheus' for Hope's Heating and Lighting Ltd. (k) Pearl barley Blue - only version produced
AA Prince of Wales 'Prince of Sportsmen' Plaque Unglazed No information
BB BEE plaque No information Plain
Unnumbered ‘Earl Haig’ Plaque No information No information
J24 ‘Samuel Johnson’ character jug Information to come Plain
J25 ‘Stanley Baldwin’ character jug (g) Ivory Plain
J25 'Stanley Baldwin' character jug (f) Powder blue Plain
J28 ‘S. M. Bruce’ character jug (k) Pearl barley Plain
J45 ‘David Lloyd George’ character jug No information Plain
J47 ‘Douglas McGarel Hogg’ (Lord Hailsham) character jug (k) Pearl barley Plain
J56 ‘Samuel Johnson’ Barclay’s jug (f) Powder blue Plain
Unnumbered ‘Benjamin Franklin’ figure jug No information Hand painted
Unnumbered ‘Johnnie Walker’ figure jug No information Hand painted
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M82 - M86 Jungle Book characters
M87 - M105
Christopher Robin Nursery Set
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